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Periodontal Disease Might Lead to Tough Treatments. Keep Your Teeth!

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girlcoverIt was difficult to listen to. The dentist said that I would have to have a ‘scaling and root planing treatment done. She said that I should remain calm as my gums would not feel it because they would be numb. I imagined how I might feel when they were no longer numb. The dentist wanted to know if I would be willing to start right away.

Absolutely not! I didn’t want this procedure done and I wasn’t about to start today. I wanted to understand what was going on. I wanted to know why I had to have this done all of the sudden. Six months ago, I seemed to be fine.

Later, I thought more on this situation. A bigger scene began to reveal itself to me. What was my doctor doing doing all of these past years? Was she teaching prevention? If so, would I be in this situation now?

I had been victimized by ‘gum disease’ and gum disease didn’t seem like someone you would want to invite to dinner. I was bit worried about being told about this need for the SRP procedure. Most people are not informed about gum disease. It’s not until after they are told that they might begin to research it. They might end up like me, wondering why the dentist didn’t say something about it before.

By putting some study time in, I concluded that this little problem didn’t just crop up since my last office visit. It had grown over a longer period of time – years! Since the dentist didn’t tell me much before drastic action needed to be taken, I was a disappointed.

Upon reflection on this event, I’m glad that I decided not to have that SRP treatment performed. The fear made me look for answers. What I discovered was quite interesting.

Way too many people have gum disease right now. It hardly seems ‘normal’ that so many should have it. Again, it makes you wonder what has been going on all of these years.

Even the professionals will tell you that up to 80% of people have some form of gum disease, right now. That is a scary number. And it also underscores a point: Either the stats are very wrong or people do not know they have this problem!

The truth of the matter is that people are not very likely to get excited about a problem they don’t know they have. That is frustrating because a little bit of preventive work could save us from hardship and spending a wad of money at our dental professional’s office. Through my own efforts and study, I came across products that I personally experimented with that could have helped me had I known about them years ago. Using a regular mouthwash, brushing and flossing just didn’t seem to ‘cut it’ for me.

Had those things been effective, I would have been fine. Yet, despite my normal and frequent routine of brushing and flossing, I still had a problem develop. Those activities just weren’t enough to prevent gum disease!

I was able to discover a few answers on my own. In fact, my answers were pretty good. This was in evidence the next time I saw the doctor and the hygienist. They just didn’t know what to say. But, they both were in agreement that I did not need that dreaded SRP treatment – the same treatment that they had told me was the only thing that would help me just a few months prior. Look for the link below to find out more about what I used.

It would be great if more people could learn about gingivitis and periodontal disease. It would be even better if they learned about prevention and the details before they start to see a problem in their own mouths. Barring any major injury or trauma, we should not, if we take care, have to lose teeth to gum disease.

Free Report tells you how you can stop periodontal disease and a receding gum line. Send a blank email to stopgumdisease@aweber.com or visit http://HowToStopGumDisease.com David is the author of the book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease – available from Amazon and booksellers almost everywhere.

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