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Gum Disease Information – Free

Gum Disease Report

Gum disease information is something that a lot of people would like to have. You have to ask yourself, “am I getting all of the information that I should be getting from my dental care provider”?

If you think I’m overstating things here, please ask a hygienist when she is away from the office. You might be surprised.

If you just go in for dental treatments and not a lot is explained to you about prevention or what you should or can be doing at home, then you are not alone. This is the state of the industry today. Prevention simply does not enter into the equation – with a few notable exceptions.

The business model of the industry simply does not support prevention – except in name. What really works? Is anyone going to tell you?

People have been trained, but the focus of that training is on fixing problems and that is where the money is made. If you successfully prevent problems, what then?

There is no real financial incentive for prevention. Take some time to reflect on this and you will understand what I mean. Oh – one type of prevention that is utilized is regular cleanings – and I agree – these are very valuable. But there is a way to make a profit built around them obviously.

But you cannot rely on regular cleanings to do the job for you – although they are pretty much necessary to help.

Any dental health care professional will be able to tell you that what happens with a patients dental health largely depends on what they do at home!

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David Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

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