Gum Disease Update

Ok, so I was and still am pretty excited about the mouth paste formula (which can be found on page 15 of this book) . In fact, it seemed to be working so well that I thought I could skip using the hydrofloss with the oxygenated compound for a while.

hydroflossThat is the nature of testing things out, you get new results and new interpretations. That is why I test. I like to see what works in the real world for me personally.

Anyway, the mouth paste is excellent. However, I found that it was NOT good to skip using the hydrofloss. After a couple of days of not using as stated on the directions on I found the tiniest, smallest spot of blood upon using the hydrofloss again.

Though the mouth paste appears to be excellent for helping me remove stains and possibly plaque – as well as giving my teeth nice polished smooth surfaces, I realized that I need to continue to use the hydrofloss on a daily basis.

Using the oxygenated compound with the hydrofloss as stated on Gingivitis Killer at least once per day appears to be important to get the results I’m used too.

I will continue to use the mouth paste, because it appears that it may be just abrasive enough to actually remove plaque . I know that is MY impression and my opinion. A lot of people won’t believe it removes plaque. – Especially some with qualified medical opinions.

I appreciate that. I just go by the results I get for myself and I don’t make any claims for anyone else’s use. So that is what I’m reporting today. I’ve used the mouth paste for just over a week now and it is really doing a good job in my opinion.

However, in the end. I find that is still important to continue using the hydrofloss on a daily basis. With these three tools, they hydrofloss, the oxygenated compound and the mouth paste, I feel that they develop a powerful knock out punch when it comes to stopping the progression of gum disease and restoring the gums to a healthier condition.

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I only speak for myself and the results I have obtained. I don’t make any claims that what I do will be adequate for someone else. If you have or think you have gum disease or any other health condition please see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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