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Your Dental Health IS Important…

Preserving your dental health can save you from experiencing pain and spending excessive amounts of money at the dentist’s office. 

Why do people have so many problems with their teeth and gums?  What if it isn’t your fault?

Check the statement(s) that best describe you.

Then click the button below to find out how you can improve your dental health and avoid, reduce or prevent painful and costly dental expenses in the future.

I have had a cavity filled

I have had MANY cavities filled throughout my life

I have had a tooth that chipped or broke for no explainable reason

I have had a crown or multiple crowns placed

I have been to  two or more dentists who told me completely different things were wrong with my teeth or gums

I feel that my dentist makes entirely too much money from me and others. 

I have wondered if I really need all the dental work my dentist has prescribed

I am suspicious of my dentist

My dental health is out of control and I do not know what to do about it.

My gums have bled or still bleed when brushing or flossing

I am experiencing receding gums

My breath stinks and I cannot seem to control it.

I have been diagnosed with gum disease, gingivitis or periodontal disease currently or in the past

I have had or have been told that I must have a Scaling and Root Planing (SRP or Deep Cleaning) right away…


It is truly amazing when you think about it,  isn’t it?  Everyone knows of at least one other person who suffers problems with their teeth and gums.  Should it really be this way. 

Wasn’t the human body designed to last a lifetime?  Why should our gums bleed and out teeth break or need fillings?
What is going on here.  Is this normal? 

A growing body of people and even professionals don’t think so.   They understand that something is out of balance. But what is that something?   

What if there were steps you could take at home to improve your dental health, the health of your gum tissue and your teeth?  Would it be worth finding out about?  You bet it would. 

I have had many dentists in my life and I have discovered that some (not all) seem to be concerned more about their pocket books than the prevention of problems in my mouth.  I have been told that I needed all kinds of treatments, only to find out that was not true at all.  It’s truly disturbing.

Are you concerned about your dental health the way that I am?  Click the button below to learn  more…


David Snape
Concerned Dental Patient and Author… 

Disclaimer: This post and site are for informaton purposes only and do not intend to advise, treat or diagnose any health or dental health problem.  You should consult a dentist or more likely a periodontist if you have any dental health issues or think that you might. You should consult your doctor, dentists and periodontists for proper advice, diagnoses and treatment for any and all health or dental health problems

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