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Mouth Paste Found to Be Helpful

toothbrushAs I mixed the ingredients together I found myself wondering if this was really going to do anything. The ingredients are fairly common to most households and they are inexpensive and easy to find. I found all of them at WalMart and most drug stores in the United States would probably stock them.

Without any hesitation, because I like to try new things that seem like they might work, I dipped my toothbrush in the paste that I had just made and began to brush. I used this mouth paste not just on my teeth but also on my cheeks, tongue and gums as well.

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Brushing should be a gentle activity without bending the bristles so that the very tips actually do the cleaning. After brushing with this special mouth paste, I found that the level of saliva in my mouth increased. This is good for fighting bacteria which are responsible for causing both gum disease and bad breath.

After the second time I brushed with this paste I found that a certain trouble spot in my mouth that tended to accumulate a lot of plaque, due to the crowding of the teeth in that area, felt much smoother when I rubbed my tongue against it. It has been several months since my last professional dental cleaning and the stains and most likely plaque were starting to accumulate. All surfaces of the teeth should feel smooth and polished, sort of like glass when touched with tongue. my trouble spots always feel rough. That is most likely due to plaque / stain accumulation. Plaque can damage both teeth enamel and gum tissue.

dental-healthI found the paste to be useful against the stains as well. I’m very much impressed by that because as I mentioned the only other way to get them off would be from a professional cleaning. But my next appointment is still over 1 month away and that isn’t even the six month mark. Here I am only 3 months after the last professional cleaning and I was already developing heavier stains. That means the plaque was probably accumulating too.

This paste is amazing, not only because of the cost and ease in making it, but because it could get these trouble spots cleaner for me. It doesn’t contain fluoride so I will be sure to use regular toothpaste to make sure that I’m getting some of that in too.

If this paste were something that I concocted on my own I would tell you exactly how to make it. But the truth is I found it in someone else’s book. Though the book was written to help people with bad breath, the author also talks about the effect of his techniques on the health of his gums and coloring of his teeth as well.

I’ve only been using the mouth paste for less than one week as of this writing. Normally, I would test it for at least a couple of weeks before telling others about it. But, I don’t see any downside to my using it and so far it has been very helpful. Frankly, I’m impressed by its simplicity and by what it does.

You can read what the author has to say about his own book here.

If you have or think you might have gum disease, cavities or any other oral health problem, visit your dentist for diagnosis and treatment. This information is not intended to replace any professional services.

David writes for the http://GingivitisKiller.com website. There, you can read what he personally did to stop the progression of gum disease and make his gum tissue healthy again.

To our good health,

– Dave



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