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Grossan And Grossan Nasal Irrigation…

By david / January 20, 2009
Grossan Nasal Irrigation
Grossan Nasal Irrigation

Murray Grossan is the creator of the Grossan Nasal Irrigation System.

You can learn more about and purchase a Grossan Nasal Irrigation System – also known as the Hydro Pulse by clicking this link.  
You can obtain free shipping  plus free Nasal Sinus Drops by applying coupon code a-nsdrop at checkout using the link above. 
Dr. Grossan is an ENT or Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.  He is well known and respected.  He created his Hydro Pulse system to help those suffering from nasal and sinus conditions that were not getting relief in other ways.  

What the irrigator does is it clears debris away from  your nasal and sinus passages to allow the very tiny cilia (mobile hair like structures) that are a natural part of your body’s defenses to start moving again.  From this point they can work to keep your nasal and sinus passages clear.  

Sometimes the cilia are overwhelmed with mucous and congestion and they just can’t move.  This is where the Grossan device comes in.  
If you know the feeling of not being able to breath or not able to breath well through your nose, then you will completely understand what Dr. Grossan has done.

His machine is very gentle and easy to use and  you will get the hang of it virtually immediately.  When you use the special saline packets that come with this device and warm water, you will find the gentle pulse of water into your nasal passages to be very pleasant.  And at the same time, that flow will gently clean your nasal and sinus passages – allowing the cilia to start moving again.

At that point, you will begin to feel relief.  This really does not take long.  Even when I had a really bad head cold, the Grossan or Hydro Pulse as it is called – allowed me to get enough relief from my symptoms that I was actually able to go to sleep and continue sleeping peacefully.  Before that, it was total chaos as the feeling of not being able to breath is a terrible feeling and it was keeping me from getting a good night’s rest.

The Hydro Pulse is a great machine.  Not just because it helped me, but because it has helped others too!  My ex-boss was one of those people.  I told her about this amazing machine when I found out that  she had been suffering from a chronic sinus condition for  years.  She bought a Hydro Pulse and found relief from her long lasting problem that was robbing her of energy and making her life miserable.  

Within just a few days she was even looking better as the dark bags that had formed around her eyes began to dissipate. She had more energy and was very, very thankful that I told her about the Grossan hydro pulse. 

I checked with her almost 8 months later and she was still using it daily.  Some people only need to use the Grossan  briefly, some monthly, some once-per-week, and some every day.  It all depends on your condition and a variety of factors.

The Grossan machine comes with proprietary saline packets that are called Breathe Easy XL.  These are specially formulated with a very cool ingredient called xylitol.  The great thing about xylitol is that it can either kill or starve bacteria to death.  This is a great benefit to using the Grossan machine – it comes with these Breathe Easy XL packets.  All that you have to do is put one in the Hydro Pulse container (reservoir) and fill it with warm tap water.  

Then you simply place the Hydro Pulse tip to your nose, lean over the sink and turn it on.  The gentle stream of water does the rest.  First the water flows through one nostril and then out the other.  If you breath a lot of dust in the course of your daily activities – such as a construction worker might – you may see the results ending up darkly in your sink.

There are a host of benefits from using the Grossan Irrigator and you will probably see results very quickly.   The machine comes with an instruction book and nasal and sinus tips from Dr Grossan himself.   I think you will find reading this book most helpful.  

It is also important to recognize that pulsatile irrigation itself is helpful.  Non-pulsatile irrigation may not do as good of a job at freeing up the cilia in order to perform their job function.

The Grossan irrigator / the Hydro Pulse (same thing) are usually available for $97 if you hunt around a bit.  Don’t by it for any higher than $97 and if youutilize coupon code a-nsdrop during check out from this link,  you will be able to get free ground shipping (in the United States – including Hawaii and Alaska) plus a free bottle of Nasal / Sinus drops.  

It is estimated that 40 million Americans suffer from Chronic Sinus Conditions.  That is a lot.  And I’m willing to bet that the Hydro Pulse will help a great deal of those people if they ever knew it.  Spread the word about this page, so that others suffering with chronic allergies can have a chance to make a big change in the quality of their lives!  That is worth writing home about.  Might as well share the coupon code a-nsdrop with them too.  

Chronic nasal obstruction is otherwise known as a stuffy nose.  As described above, this is exactly the situation that the Grossan allowed me to escape as I was able to obtain relief and sleep again.  It was great!  I remember a particularly bad head cold that I had when I was a child.  I don’t think the Hydro Pulse was around then, but I wish it was.  I recall how miserable I was waiting for that head cold to go away so that I could BREATH again.  I remember how terrible it was to not be able to breath though my nose and sleeping was very difficult and uncomfortable.

Allergies: Unfortunately, many people suffer from allergies.  Off hand, I don’t have any estimates as to the numbers.  But if your allergies are due to allergens that get trapped in your nasal and sinus passages, I’d be willing to be that the Grossan machine above and help you too.  You see, it is mostly common sense.  If you are able to keep the allergens, like pollen, from accumulating in your nasal and sinus passages, then you should experience a decrease in sytmptoms and it may be possible that you eliminate them all together! 

Of course, with any of these conditions, you’ll want to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis, treatment and advice.   But I remember my ex-boss and what she said about her chronic sinus problems.  No medication and nothing the doctor offered helped her at all.  And although her doctor had heard of the Grossan, he never told her about it.  Isn’t it funny and strange that the only thing that worked for her was something her doctor never told her about?

Perhaps it is a little naive to think that one person or one source of information could hold all of the answers.  This seems to be a universal truth that plays out in everything and everywhere in this world, doesn’t it?

Maybe the Grossan is right for you.   Again, nothing in here is to offer advice, diagnosis or treatment about what your problem may be.  Be sure to consult a physician for advice, diganosis and treatment.
If you want to get a discount on the Grossan Nasal Irrigation System  CLICK HERE and use coupon code a-nsdrop at checkout to receive free ground shipping in the United States as well as free nasal / sinus drops.  
If you forward your receipt to me, and it comes from using the coupon code, I will gladly forward to you, as a bonus,  a copy of my e-book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease.  Though perhaps unrelated to allergy, nasal or sinus problems, it is still a book that everyone should have – because gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss and can cost you a great deal of money at the periodontist’s or dentist’s office.

If you have found the above to be informative, consider signing up to receive health, wellness and fitness updates from me. 

I wish the best and please do share your Grossan Nasal Irrigation experiences with us. 


David Snape
Author and Health Writer

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