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Just What is Going on Here, Dave?

Sure, I can answer that one.

Why the Change in Format?

Recently, I came to realize that things needed to improve around here. It is a tedious task to create new static .html web pages every time I have something that I think would be of use or interest to the readers of this site.

Someone recently turned me on to the idea of turning this whole site into a blog. The new format will be easier to maintain and I can make site wide changes whenever I want.

Don’t worry, you can still access the old look and feel of the site via the new sitemap.

Now updating the site on new health, fitness or wellness related matters will be much easier and a snap. I can just login and make a post.

Keeping people informed about health, fitness and wellness is the purpose of this site and now anyone will be able to see the latest from me right on the front page of the site.

As you may know, the site isn’t necessarily about the latest updates though, you will still find me providing useful resources, as well as newer information just like before. You can use the sitemap to find the static resource pages. You will also find many of them at the bottom of this page.

If you need to search the old information, you can find the search box on the sitemap page mentioned above. I suppose I ought to put a search box on the bottom of each of these blog pages too. I think I’ll do that. (sooner or later) 🙂

You can also subscribe to our RSS FEED

In addition if you have a comment you want to make on something I’ve written you need only go to the bottom of the page and click on comments to leave me a message. Isn’t that cool?

Ask Dave a Question!

Another neat and new feature is the ‘Ask Dave a Question’ button on the upper right hand side. (See it ?) . Now if you have a question about anything related to health, fitness or wellness or even other topics for that matter you can reach me via the ‘Ask Dave a Question’ button. I highly encourage you to use ‘Ask Dave a Question’ to reach me.

Ask Dave A Question!

All of these changes will make the site more user friendly and interactive. Which is the format I think will best serve us all.

Enjoy This Site

I’m going to really enjoy the site even more than before with all of these new features and it is going to make life a whole lot easier on both of us! (you and me)

So there you have it. What’s going on around here? That’s what!

Stay healthy and well.

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