Why Can’t I Lose Weight?


Question: I want to lose weight but nothing seems to be working, what can I do to lose weight?

Answer: There are just a few key concepts that are really necessary to know for weight loss. The rest is just so much extra fluff.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on just one single concept. This is one that a lot of people need to know in my opinion.

I think if someone does understand this concept it will be immensely useful.

The liver and fat storage. (this is a rough analogy – not a science class)

The liver is like a sandbox. Instead of sand, let’s say it is a carbohydrate box.

A box is only so big. That means only so many carbohydrates can fit inside the box.

Once the box is full, if you add anymore, it will overflow.

When the box overflows, the body will make fat out of the overflowed carbs.

Now, conversely, you can get rid of fat this way too. How?

When the box is empty, there is no short-term supply of energy and the body must access fat stores to get energy. Hence fat is used up.

See, there are two ways to use this information.

1. Be sure that your carb box doesn’t overflow.

2. Cardio until your carb box is depleted and you begin to burn fat.

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