I Have Pus Around My Gums…

Liz wrote:

Dear Dave,

Have read your book and have put all the information you gave in practice. I have noticed a decrease in bleeding while brushing and flossing, but worrying over the Christmas break, pus has appeared along one side of my top gum. I am very worried and have made an appointment with my dentist for January 3rd. Any suggestions?

PS I love your book and your site.

Response from Dave:

Hi Liz,

Thank you so much for letting me know that you liked the book – that means a lot too me. If I am able to help people with the information I have provided – well that is just the best thing to hear.

As for your problem: I can’t tell for sure from here but this sounds more like a tooth infection than a gum infection. Anyway, your dentist will be able to tell you tomorrow. And remember, if you don’t like your dentist’s prescribed course of action, you have the right to seek out other opinions. It’s pretty common to go to three different dentists and get a different answer / information from each one of them!

PS: if you do have a tooth problem, I really suggest reading this.

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