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OxyCare3000 or the Hydro Floss – Which Oral Irrigator is Better?

Hi David,

I have been using the Hydrofloss for a couple of years and it quit all of
a sudden, won’t turn on. I bought an OxyCare3000 that’s still in the box and I’m wondering what the difference is between the 2 units. They seem to offer the same features.

Thank you,


Hi Lynn,

Thank you for asking this question.

Two Studies in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology show the effectiveness of the Hydro Floss in reduce plaquing between office visits over an irrigator that does not use the Hydro Floss technology. I have not seen a journal study on the OxyCare.

You can get free shipping on a new Hydro Floss here and it costs less than the OxyCare3000 – The price I saw on the OxyCare was $129 you can get the Hydro Floss at the above link for only $98 plus free shipping.

Maybe OxyCare should send me a unit for testing? Then I would be better able to help you with a comparison. I do know the Hydro Floss worked for me, so I’m sticking with it unless someone can prove to me there is something better out there.

The Hydro Floss unit has been shown to do the job and the magnetic technology is patented. So, OxyCare couldn’t have copied the Hydro Floss technology – which means they did something different. Does what they did that was different work? I don’t know and can’t say for sure. I’d like to seee some studies and have some personal experience with it.

I also can’t recommend something that I haven’t personally tried. Some things don’t live up to their promise. I am NOT saying the OxyCare doesn’t – I’m just saying it hasn’t been studied and I haven’t personally tried it. Plus, it is always nice to save a few dollars on something that has worked well.

Thank you for your question, Lynn. You can always ask a question here.

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