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What Are the Symptoms or Signs of Oral Cancer?

cancer-doctorQuestion: Sometimes I get a sore lump on the side of my mouth and I worry about it. I don’t chew tobacco or anything like that. Can you tell me what the signs of oral cancer are?


The Signs and Symptoms for oral cancer include the following:

– A sore in the mouth that does not heal and / or bleeds fairly easily.

– A patch or area of the mouth that is red or white compared to the rest of the mouth – this is something that does not go away.

– Soreness on the tongue, throat or in the mouth that doesn’t go away.

– A lump on the tongue, throat or mouth. This has also been described as a ‘thickness’.

– Difficulty when chewing or swallowing food.

If you experience any of the above or see anything else in your mouth or oral cavity that does not seem normal, contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

You may also find a book called Natural Cancer Treatments That Work! [aff] to be of interest. Be sure to work with your doctor though. There are a many success stories that accompany this book.



Of course, smoking and chewing tobacco are going to increase the risk of developing oral cancer. It would be better to eliminate those activities if you practice them.

Early detection is key to preventing mortality. Go to your doctor if you suspect that you have or might have cancer.

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