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What are the Side Effects of Timolol?

timolol formulaQuestion: What are the Side Effects of Timolol?


Timolol prescriptions come in two forms, eye gel and eye drops.



Timolol side effects, just like those of any other prescription drug, are nothing to trifle with and if you are experiencing severe forms of any of the following side effects contact your doctor right away:

Upset stomach, dizziness, eye irritation, headaches, depression or double vision.

In addition, if you find that you are experiencing any of the following, you should discontinue use completely until talking to your physician:

Fainting, breathing difficulty, irregular or slow heartbeat (bradycardia), sudden weight gain, swelling of the legs or feet.

These are the most prominent side effects.

Please read the list of side effects that came with your prescription for more details. Or, you can visit your pharmacist and ask for a detailed list of side effects.

If you experience a serious side effect from Timolol or any other medication you should report it to the FDA (food and drug administration).

You can reach their MedWatch Adverse Side Effects Reporting group by telephone or online.

The telephone number for them is 1-800-332-1088. And their online reporting can be found at :


Additional concerns:

Before allowing your doctor to prescribe Timolol, tell him:

– If you are taking or are allergic to any other medications, especially beta blockers. ( also let your pharmacist know)

– If you are scheduled for any surgery, let both your prescribing doctor and the surgeon know well in advance of the scheduled surgery.

– if have or have ever had thyroid problems, heart disease, lung disease, congestive heart failure, myasthenia gravis or diabetes.

– if you are pregnant. Also if you become pregnant while taking Timolol tell your doctor.


* this list is not meant to be exhaustive and there may be additional information that you need to be aware of, also this information could change and may not be accurate. Be sure to check with your doctor if you have glaucoma or any other health issue or are taking Timolol for up-to-date information, diagnosis and treatment. Do not self treat.

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