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How Can Eating Dark Chocolate Be Good For You?

By david / December 26, 2008

Recently, I received an email from a medical doctor who is a general practitioner in the Connecticut. In his letter he talked about the health benefits of eating chocolate – but not too much.

Aside from the large antioxidant content in chocolate, the natural plant chemicals, which are also called ‘phytochemicals’ seem to have a neutral affect on a person’s cholesterol levels.

So, even though dark chocolate has a high level of saturated fat, there are other things in the chocolate that counters that – for what some believe is a net neutral effect on cholesterol levels.

Dark chocolate is considered healthier than milk chocolate because it is less processed and usually has less sugar in it. In addition it usually has a higher content level of cacoa in it, (yes, that is right – NOT cocoa).

Dark chocolate may have relatively high amounts of magnesium, potassium and calcium as well.

Anyway, this doctor said that out of all the Chocolate he investigated, the Dagoba Dark Chocolate was the closest to what nature intended and he deemed it the healthiest chocolate to eat.

However, he cautions us to remember not to eat too much because this kind of chocolate is calorie rich as well.

I remember reading that he specifically recommended the ‘Sweet Forest’ Nibs variety of Dagoba Dark Chocolate. 

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