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What Can I Do About Gum Disease?

gingivitisQuestion: My dentist just told me that I have gum disease. She said there has been some bone loss. Do I need to be concerned? What can I do about it?

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The Answer: Yes, you need to be concerened provided you are interested in keeping your teeth.

I have all of my original teeth (except for my wisdom teeth) and I want to keep them. My guess is that you want to keep yours as well.

The number one cause of tooth loss is gum disease. This is not a secret but very few people are aware of it.

Gum disease is a silent epidemic it sneaks right up on you and erodes your gum tissue and supporting bone structure.

Updated: You can visit http://www.GingivitisKiller.com for specific details on how I beat gingivitis and prevent it from returning.

Most people either have or will have gum disease or have to work hard to prevent it. Only about 2% of people in the world are ‘immune’ to gum disease.

This should be revealing. Most people actually have it and don’t realize it.

Do your gums ever bleed from flossing or brushing? If the answer is yes, then you probably have it.

Healthy gum tissue does not bleed when brushing or flossing. Bleeding gum tissue is a sign of a diseased condition. Bleeding while flossing or brushing (even a little bit) is NOT normal.

Reread that last paragraph. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a little bleeding is normal. It is not. NO BLEEDING of the gums is ‘normal’.

Dentist think that patients won’t listen, so they don’t mention it very often.

Besides, they have crafted fancy and expensive treatments to deal with gum disease when you finally do take notice.

‘Prevention is worth a pound of cure’, as the saying goes.

So what can you do about it? I can’t promise you that something in particular is going to work to kill your gums disease.

What I’m about to share worked for me. But even though it stopped and got rid of the gum disease, the gum recession remains. Only reconstructive treatment can bring that back. So be aware of that.

But if you want to keep your teeth and prevent your gums from getting worse, something has to be done.

Here is what I do:

I use ‘mouth paste’. You can learn how to make it inexpensively and easily on page 15 of this book.

I also use the hydrofloss [aff] along with an oxygenated compound [aff] .



These two products worked well to clear up my gingivitis. In fact, the hygienist said that I had no bleeding on probing last time. I added the mouth paste later and found it to be fantastic and suspect I would have had even quicker / better results had I used it from the beginning.

I can tell that they are amazed that my gums have gotten better without their fancy and expensive treatments.

Try the two products above. The oxygenated mouthwash goes in the tray of the hydrofloss (two capfuls per tray). I don’t use it as a mouthwash.

There you have it. I can’t promise that what worked for me will work for you but I can tell you that it worked for me.

This isn’t meant to provide advice. If you have or think you have gingivitis or gum disease consult your doctor or dentist for diagnosis and treatment.


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