How Do I Stay Motivated?

hard-at-workQuestion: I trust all is well. I really enjoy your emails and articles and have found them very helpful.

I am trying to stay motivated, but finding it hard. Do you have any advice?

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the kudos on my emails. I’m glad that you are enjoying them.

I do hope more people can find out about the value I have to offer.

Your question ‘hits the nail right on the head’, so to speak.

Blocks to motivation are major obstacles for virtually every human being.

No one likes to be forced, and it doesn’t even feel good when we force ourselves to do things.

You could almost look at motivational blockages in a personified sense. Meaning, they could almost be viewed as intelligent people that are trying to block you.

Have you noticed that nothing comes easy in this world? There is always a price to pay or some obstacle to overcome. It’s never easy, is it?

Anyway, let’s get down to ‘brass tacks’. You asked about motivation.

As I mentioned before it doesn’t feel good when we force ourselves. So the question is how to we get ourselves to feel good about taking action to obtain our goals?

That’s a great question. The best answer I have for you requires a little work itself.

My best suggestion is to make a list of your reasons why. In other words make a long but sincere list (the longer the better)

What I mean by sincere is : don’t BS yourself. In other words, don’t put down things that sound good but that you don’t get a good feeling about.

The closer you can get to an honest list, the more power it will have.

Step 2 is to read that list whenever you are feeling the need for motivation, plus before bed and when getting up in the morning.

You get the idea, the more you read over your list in a day, the better. By keeping your reasons why firmly in the forefront of your mind where you can recall them at will, is in itself, creating a motivational force for yourself.

Make sense?

Ok. if that didn’t do the trick, here is a free book you can download called, “The Power of Why“.

I would be curious to hear your comments about this post.

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