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Dental Insurance – Very Important….

Well, I’m a bit sad to report that I’ll be losing my job by the end of 2008. In fact, December 31st is my last day.

This brings up lots of apprehension and a bit of fear. But, I have plan – at least for the next 6 months.

Some of the things you think about when losing your job – besides the loss of money is the loss of benefits. Health and dental benefits especially, can be troublesome.

Your talking to a guy who goes to the Periodontist for teeth cleaning every two months. Now insurance doesn’t cover all of that but because I do have the insurance company I have – I get a 50% reduction in price on the visits that aren’t covered.

That’s a really nice benefit. I hate the thought of losing it. Let’s hope the economy picks up soon and that people don’t have to be out of their jobs for too long!

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