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Get Rid Of Bad Breath With Coupons

I have written about how to get rid of bad breath before.  Here are some coupon codes that can really help. There is a video below to show you how to use the codes if you are not sure how to.

Here are some therabreath coupons that can help you to save money and /or get freebies from your next therabreath order. These powerful, oxygenated and pH balances products make us all smart shoppers and gives us an advantage over poor quality oral health products that only mask symptoms or use harsh chemicals.

1. Coupon a-fg10 = 10% off and a free Basics Kit ( oxygenated mouthwash and toothpoaste) on orders over $100 – and it is a good idea to stock up for long term protection!

2. a-per10 – Free ground shipping in the US and a free tube of periotherapy toothpaste – good for orders over $20 (but might work below $20, please comment back if it works for you).

3. a-nsdrop – Free ground shipping, free nasal / sinus drops on your purchase of the Grossan Nasal Irrigaton System – also known as the Hydro Pulse.

4. a-ozn20 – Thirty dollar discount, free toothpaste and free mouthwash on your purchase of the Dr. Katz Ozonator

5. a-tns100 – Free: 12 AO Tabs, 3 Sinus drops, & 3 Sprays – on Any purchase over $100 Click here to utilize

6. BRNG27A – 27.77 off any order over $50 – Click here to utilize

Hint: when you check out on the therabreath site, enter one of these coupons in ‘lower case’ letters where it says “Coupon Code Center” under the portion that says ‘enter your coupon’ – then hit the apply button. The coupon code should show up under your shopping card items, highlighted in green. If that is the case, proceed with checkout as normal – you are home free.

Here is a video to show you how to use the codes properly:

If you have any problems, give me a call at 888-586-6849 or and if available I’ll attempt to walk you through the process.

An alternative place to buy these product is= Toothy Grins Store

These coupon codes can give you significant savings, free shipping or other extra goodies and you won’t find these advertised on the therabreath site.

Please tell us how you did or leave comments below – this will help others who follow in your footsteps to score savings and bargains with these therabreath coupons!

David Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

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