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How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day?

Question: I’ve heard a lot about how much water we should drink in a day, but I don’t know what the right amount is. Can you tell me?

water glassActually, this is an interesting question.

Officially, the pat standard answer that nutritionists and doctors will tell you is 2 liters or approximately 2 quarts of water per day.

But this definition has a few problems with it. Weight and size vary a lot between people. Therefore, how could a 120 pound person have the same water intake requirements as a 260 pound person?

It would not be very realistic to think such a simple answer applies to everyone.

My biochemistry teacher said, when I was a young student in a professional college, that you should drink a gallon of water per day or roughly twice that of the standard pat nutrition answer.

I’ve heard some body builders say you need even more than that.


Sidebar note: There is an interesting website out there that talks about the healing qualities of water intake. The premise is that many disease conditions are merely a sign of dehydration. The name of this site is watercure.com .

I won’t attempt to answer whether his theories are correct or not, but it is fascinating reading and there is some anecdotal evidence to support his theory.




So how can can we view this issue?

Everyone seems to have a different answer.

Perhaps this is a good rule of thumb, perhaps not:

If your urine runs clear, then you might have enough water intake. If it does not, perhaps you should increase your daily intake of water until your urine is clear, like water.

This is the rule I like to apply. I find that I frequently fall short.

Check with your doctor before you attempt to adjust your water intake, only do so with your doctor’s approval.

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