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Are There Any Alternatives to High Blood Pressure Medications?

blood-pressure-cuffQuestion: I don’t like the side effects from my high blood pressure medication. Is there another way to deal with it?

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Answer: Have you asked your doctor about utilizing a different medication?

He is the most qualified to help you figure out what to do about those side effects.

Having said that, I realize that you may be wondering about alternatives that may have helped others, right?

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension or “The Silent Killer” affects approximately 1 BILLION people today.

But don’t worry, there may be something more natural that you can do to lower high blood pressure. More on that in a minute.

children-high-blood-pressureHere are some of the facts surrounding high blood pressure:

Nearly 1 in 3 American adults has hypertension.

High blood pressure is called the silent killer because it usually has no symptoms.

Some people may not find out they have it until they have trouble with their heart, brain, or kidneys.

The US Food and Drug Administration said on their

website that high blood pressure can cause:

=> kidney failure

=> stroke

=> blindness

=> heart attacks



High blood pressure medications often have side effects

such as:


=> Dizziness

=> Tiredness

=> A Feeling of Being Lightheaded

=> Vision problems

=> Swelling of the hands, feet, ankles, or legs

=> Decreased sexual ability

=> Feeling drowsy

=> Headache

=> Upset stomach

=> Feeling flushed (warm) and the list goes on.

Is there something more natural and gentler on the body that you can do to lower high blood pressure?

Learn how one man helped his mother beat “the silent killer” in a very natural and gentle way.

I think his story is a good one. After doing the research, he was able to help his mother defeat her high blood pressure, naturally. She no longer needs HBP medication.

The information he found could be priceless to you because your health (or that of a loved one) is one of your most valuable assets.


Natural Blood Pressure Relief

* If you have or think you might have hypertension (high blood pressure) or any other health problem, contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Do not stop taking medication without consulting with your doctor.


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