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How Can I Extend the Time I Can Wear My Contact Lenses?

Question: After just a few hours of wearing my contact lenses, my eyes get dry, scratchy and I feel like something is in them. By the time I take them out my eyes are red and itchy. Is there anything I can do to wear my contact lenses longer and more comfortably?

Yes! Actually, there is a way. However, you must never wear your contact lenses longer than your eye doctor says is o.k.

I used to have a similar problem. In fact, I know that many people face this situation. After a few years of going through it, they find that they can no longer wear contact lenses at all. Does this ring a bell?

I’ve found a way that works for me to wear my contacts as long as I want to, provided I take a little action.

This discovery was not a discovery at all. In fact, it is just an adaptation of something that used to be very popular not too long ago, perhaps 100 years or so.

What is it? Eye washing! Yes, you heard me correctly, eye washing.

We take showers every day to clean the dirt and other things that accumulate on our bodies. We shampoo our hair, use Q-tips to clean our ears. We use a toothbrush to clean our teeth and dental floss to clean between teeth and near the gums.

So why would it be such a shock to learn that our eyes need to be cleaned too?

I’m not suggesting that you wash your eyes without consulting with your eye doctor first. Only do it if he / she says it is ok. Fair enough? You are responsible for the health of your eyes and any consequences from cleaning them.

eyecupHere is what I do. I have an eye cup. Eye cups are sold at virtually every drug store. They also sell eye wash. I don’t use the eye wash but it is probably best to do so. It is expensive. I save money by using purified water with minerals already added to it.

I put some of the water in the cup. I Tilt my head back. I Put the cup up to my eye so that it forms a ‘seal’ around my eye. Then I open my eye under the cup and move it around, thereby ‘washing’ my eye. (never use soap – only water or eye wash from the drug store). Then I ‘wash’ the other eye.

Guess what? You will be surprised at how much junk accumulates on the eye.

lens twoNow, how do I extend my contact wearing time? Easy. I wash in the morning before putting them in. This allows me to go all day long with no problems. By the time I get home in the evening, they are just starting to get a bit ‘scratchy’.

I take them out and wash my eyes, then I put a different set of contacts in. ( the first set need to soak in the chemical solution that you use for cleaning lenses before putting them back in the eyes) Then I’m ready to go out all night long. I repeat the process the next day.

I simply alternate between the two sets of contact lenses.

There you have it, in a nutshell. Don’t do this without checking with your eye doctor. And then, only do it with the instructions he / she provides you with. Don’t try to attempt what I do. I’m special. 🙂 LOL.

Ok. Good luck and comment below with your own contact lens or eye washing experiences.


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