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What About Cancer Treatment Alternatives?

genetic mutation and cancer

Question: I’m interested in knowing about cancer treatment alternatives. Can you tell me about some.

Answer: Yes. Actually, I can offer you some clues on where to look.

However, ethically and morally speaking, I feel that I must tell you that it is important to get diagnosis and treatment from your physician if you have or think you might have cancer.

Medicine is wonderful in many ways, but the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments can be tough on the body. Your doctor may not always be interested or know much about alternative forms of treatment.

In addition, the medical protocol must be followed by your physician in order for him to protect himself from lawsuits. He must follow the generally agreed upon forms of treatment. If he strays too far off, he opens himself up to litigation.



Additionally, I want to be sure that you understand that if you do take up some form of alternative treatment, you should really consult with your physician before doing so.

Your doctor may feel that your alternative treatment could be interfering with his treatment. You don’t want that to happen. So be sure to partner with your doctor and get his approval before attempting any form of treatment outside of or in conjunction with what he/ she has prescribed.

chemotherapyTherefore talk it over with your doctor, if for some reason you don’t agree with your doctor, you have every right to seek a second, third or fourth opinion.

However, your doctor can help you avoid something harmful or dangerous. He has far more training and understanding of how the human body works than you or I do.

To sum all this up, consult with your doctor on anything you want to try or do. And see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment before doing anything else.

Having said all that, I can tell you about some alternatives that I’m aware of.

On this page, you can find three books about cancer that you might find of interest.

The first book is called, Love, Medicine and Miracles. It was written by a cancer surgeon named Bernie Siegel. He was a little frustrated with conventional cancer treatments. He started a therapy group for patients before having them undergo surgery. What he found was quite amazing.

Bernie, as he began having his patients call him saw patients get better after they became more loving towards other people. Many went into remission. This is a startling example of what I like to call the Mind-Body connection. I’ve even written an article about it.

The next resource I want to tell you about is a book that has over 400 pages of collected alternative cancer approaches. Along with the book comes a second book that has a lot of personal experiences with alternative approaches. You can get these books here .

I personally have copies and the main book is packed with alternatives.

There is one more book of personal experiences that you should take a look at. Where the above reference book is not free, this one is free and I have personally met two people that believe their severe cancers disappeared due to the method that the people in this book used. The book was written by two medical doctors.

cancer cell dividing


You can also find a collection of cancer articles that might be useful. My favorite is about a brother who helped his sibling change his mind and lifestyle via the telephone. As a result his sibling became healthy.

If you are interested in commenting about this topic of cancer or have some information about alternatives to traditional cancer treatments to share, please do so below under ‘leave a reply’.

As a reminder: You should visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment for something as serious as cancer

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