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Where Can I Find OxyD8 Oral Care Products?



Question: I couldn’t find oxy d8 on Google. Any suggestions?

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Answer: In case anyone is wondering what prompted this question, I have a video on YouTube about the Hydrofloss. I personally use one to combat gingivitis.

Preventing gum disease is important. I believe that regular flossing and brushing is not enough (but still necessary). Many hygienists and dentists recommend the use of oral irrigators, where the gum tissue is ‘washed’ with a jet stream of water.


Actually, more dentists should probably be recommending the use of oral irrigators like the Hydrofloss to their patients.


This might be useful in keeping bacterial buildup to a minimum and possibly preventing or controlling gum disease.

The person who asked this question probably watched my video on YouTube and couldn’t find OxyD8 online so he wrote to ask about it:

Video on YouTube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=R814DRR3tAk

In answer to the question, here is a link to the exact OxyD8 product that I use with my Hydrofloss daily: http://tinyurl.com/3ybvnb [aff]

Online, a bottle will cost you around 13$ but you can sometimes find this mouthwash in drug stores like Osco. They might sell it at your local WalMart or Target too. Offline, you can usually get it for around 9$ for a nice savings.

hydrofloss On the other hand, the link below will lead you to one of the best deals that I know of for the Hydrofloss. It comes with an OxyD8 product. You won’t even need the mouthwash mentioned above for a while because you will already have some OxyD8 to use with your Hydrofloss.

Link to hydrofloss : http://tobeinformed.com/hydro [aff]

I’ve also written a longer post about gingivitis and gum disease.

Thanks again for your question, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


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