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What Kind of Protein Supplement Should I Use?

By Dave / January 30, 2007

protein universeWhey protein is probably one of the best types of protein if you are going to use a protein supplement. Before you use it or any other supplement, be sure to check with your doctor for potential allergies.


Whey protein comes in different forms. To help you with all the technical details about whey protein supplementation and what form may be best for you, here is a free book called, The Whey It Is” – You can download it and learn as much as you would like about this fascinating protein.

Whey has lots of benefits besides helping you improve the exterior appearance of your body.

protein-structureSome general comments about proteins:

A protein that has all of the essential amino acids is called a ‘complete’ protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

Essential means that your body cannot manufacture it on its own.

If you don’t get a complete protein, your body may not be provided with everything it needs for optimal muscle growth.

Another important item is that your body needs a complete protein about once every 8 hours or so. The body will rob the protein from your muscles first if its needs are not supplied. This could potentially effect the goal that you are trying to achieve.


3d-protein molecule

When we talk about supplementing with protein for the purposes of building muscle or toning the body, we definitely want to use a complete protein.

Sometimes you see protein for sale that is not complete. For example, soy is not a complete protein.

curls-girlFor a more complete book that discusses all kinds of supplements, including the ones you would use to improve the external appearance of the body, try this [aff].

My opinion is that you really don’t need to supplement unless you are preparing for a competition of some sort. Save your money.

A coworker recently told me about a certain protein supplement used to bulk him up quickly when he played football. Unfortunately, he was unable to tell me which protein supplement it was.

I encourage you to seek out additional information on protein supplementation. I like whey because it is reported to provide a lot of other benefits besides muscle building.

Please let us know what you end up doing and what type of results you obtain.

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