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Periodontal Disease Information – Praise

Hi David,

I read your literature, took your advice and had the BEST dental checkup today in years! There was some pain during the cleaning but nothing like it had been. I could tolerate the whole process much better.

The dental hygienist was very impressed with my home care. My gums weren’t inflamed like they had been. Usually when the hygienist checked the pocket depths, it felt like she was shoving straight pins into my gums. There were just a few areas where I still got that sensation.

I can’t say that my gums are growing back but at least they appear to be maintaining. I have always been vigilant about my home care and had used proxabrushes for years with poor results.

My new routine includes the Hydro Floss, Ora MD and Dr Katz Thera Breath mouth rinse. The Hydro Floss is a joy to use compared to the proxabrushes. I think the Ora MD really helps to reduce the sensitivity and pain when an area flares up. Dr Katz Thera Breath is very mild and nonirritating. The dental hygienist told me that there is no proof that oral irrigators work but that she has seen good results in some of her patients. I am personally convinced that they work. I don’t need anymore proof than what I have personally experienced. I really am grateful for your information. I was initially skeptical but am a true believer now. Thank you!





Hi Sharlene,

Thank you very much for the feedback it really means a lot to me. It really does!

I really appreciate it – it helps me to keep going forward and sharing this information.

David Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

Here is a link to what I think are the best moutwashes to use

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