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Depression and Addiction to Pills – A Bad Combination


Areeba writes,

I know this person who actually is really addicted to pills because she has this depression problem. If she takes it then she feels better, and does not lose so much weight, but when she tries to leave it for about a month, then she simply loses 9 pounds.

She has an average diet and is a young teenager. She now weighs about 76 pounds and is 15 years old.

I want to help her out by letting her stop this, but I don’t know how because if she does, then she loses extensive weight which is not good for her.

She has a serious depression problem and I really do not know what to do or how to help her, but I know she is not at all interested in taking drugs. She just has to . Please help me.


Answer: You are far beyond the point of self-help. She needs to see a doctor ASAP. She needs the help of a psychiatrist immediately. She may also need to consult with other specialties.

Addiction and depression are a BAD combination. Is she on prescription medication or is she taking street drugs? You did not specify, but this is a very important question.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to get help from some question and answer service on the Internet – what she needs to do right now is go see a psychiatrist. This is no joke. If something bad happens, you might blame yourself.

Unfortunately, drugs have been known to alter the body’s chemistry – this creates not only a psychological addiction but very often a physical addiction.

The road to recovery for an addict is never an easy one. The one major requirement for success is the desire to get off the pills AND to overcome the depression.

Here is a resource – written by a recovered drug addict:

Addiction Free Forever

The psychiatrist can help with the drug addiction, the weight problem and the depression all in one shop. A psychiatrist is your best choice for a professional in this case – in my opinion.

If you are already seeing one and receiving prescription meds – then perhaps it is time to find another doctor?

You may need to involve multiple specialties so don’t be afraid to see a Naturopath if they are legal in your state. But, I would not involve a holistic doctor alone – you also need the help of a psychiatrist – someone who is willing to do more than write another prescription for medication.

The mind and body are connected. She needs to change her thoughts, not mask them, to get better. I hope that made sense. If it did not, just ignore it. In either case you MUST seek the professional help mentioned earlier.

This problem is beyond the average layman’s ability to fix.

Go get help NOW!



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