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Weight Training – Are There Any Alternatives?

By Dave / January 19, 2007

curls-girlLot’s of people understand the importance of weight bearing exercise.

Traditionally, most people picture free weights or nautilus equipment in their minds when they think of weight training.

However, the purpose of weight training is to strengthen the muscles of the body by loading them with a stress. It shouldn’t matter if that goal is achieved by free weights, Nautilus equipment or something else.

If that something else came with additional benefits it would certainly be very attractive, wouldn’t it?

The something else I have in mind has several features and benefits to it.

  1. Takes up less space – easier for you to store and maintain
  2. Doesn’t just strengthen muscles, but also ligaments and tendons as well – Your body will become stronger all the way around and your ability to absorb shocks to the body will also improve.
  3. You can do this without a partner or with a partner – you don’t need someone to spot you and you don’t need to go to a gym.
  4. May very well be the secret of the legendary Russian strong men.

So what is it?

kettlebellThe answer is Russian Kettlebells [aff] for both men and women.

There was a test done on two groups of people. The test was on the ability to traverse an obstacle course.

The first group trained on weights and on the course.

The second group trained only on kettlebells.

The kettlebell group outperformed the first group.

This is amazing. If you want to read more, check out what I have written about kettlebells way back in the past.

The important thing to know is that if you are an athlete, especially in a contact sport, you might derive a great advantage through kettlebell training.

Military and police groups are utilizing kettlebell training in their regimens.




You can also find a book called, Beyond Body Builiding at the above site

So if you are contemplating a new strength training regimen or are just plain tired of the same old free weight training you have been doing, check out Russian Kettlebells – you’ll probably be glad you did.

* As always, consult your physician before taking up any new form of exercise or changing your level of exercise.

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