Why Quit Smoking?

cigarettesI’ll start off with my real life story about a gross anatomy class I took and the cadaver that my group was assigned to.

Our cadaver was probably close to 70 years old. He had an old style pacemaker lodged in the fat above his heart. This guy was grossly overweight.

There was a layer of fat under his skin that was probably 2 inches think or perhaps more. He was definitely not someone who spent a lot of time worrying about the health of his body.

The really interesting part was when we cut the chest cavity open.

What would you guess the first thing we could smell upon doing so would be?

It was cigarette smoke.

The smell of cigarette smoke wafted out of the opened chest cavity of this cadaver.

By way of background, a cadaver is usually soaked in formaldehyde for at least six months before making its way to a gross anatomy laboratory.

Even after that, we could smell smoke coming from his chest.

What do you think smoking can do to your still living body?

lungsAnother thing to consider is that when we looked at his lungs, they were charcoal black. Not just on the inside but on the outside too. If you were to cut the lung in half, you would find the same degree of charcoal black color from the inside to the outside. The entire lung was black.

A non-smokers lungs are pink. Similar to the color of a caucasian’s lips.

I have two resources to help you quit smoking.

1. Quit smoking Help and Resources – This page has contains a number of resources to help you quit smoking. It does contain some commercial resources, but it also contains government information sites as well as a toll free number that you can utilize to talk to someone about quitting smoking.

2. Quit Smoking – Cold Turkey! – This page offers three commercial resources to help a person quit smoking. They all utilize hypnosis. All three money back guarantees if it doesn’t work.



To further answer your question about how smoking can affect your lungs and besides the obvious increased risk of lung cancer (men who smoke are 22 times more likely to get lung cancer than a non smoker), here are some other issues to consider:

1. Men and women who smoke increase their risk of death from bronchitis or emphysema by 10 times or more.

2. It is estimated that one out of every 5 deaths in the United States is related to smoking.

3. Just in the US., it is estimated that every year 5 million years of life are lost to premature death due to smoking.

4. Smoking triples the likely hood of dying of heart disease in a study on middle-aged men and women.

5. Second hand smoke has also been linked to heart disease via studies. Therefore, you can harm the health of others too.

Smoking may be responsible for many other health problems.



To find more detailed information about the effects of smoking, visit this government website. On that site you will find tons of additional reports and information on the effects of smoking.

After all of the above, I hope you decide to quit. There is really nothing good about smoking. It can’t help you. But it can hurt your body and you health terribly.

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