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I Visited My Periodontist Yesterday

It was a very good visit. No pockets over 3 mm which is considered ‘healthy’. My hygienist actually said that it was great to work on a healthy mouth.

But what you don’t know is that I didn’t get there overnight. It was a struggle for the last couple of years. Even a few months ago I still had a couple of 4s left.

So few people understand gum disease. It is amazing because so many people have it and they don’t know it.

As I was talking to the hygienist she told me a story about a dentist she had worked for. He bought a practice and discovered that virtually all of the patients had severe periodontal problems.

The previous doctor apparently didn’t do anything to educate the patients about their periodontal health. The new dentist spent extra time and money bringing in good hygienists to work on getting his ‘new’ patients’ periodontal health up to speed.

As she worked on one of these patients, she said, “Well you have a lot of 9 mm pockets”. The patients respons: “What is a pocket”.

This gentleman was older. He had gone all of his life and never understood the concept of what pocket was. He probably looked in his mouth and thought, ‘nothing was wrong’, just like so many people do today.

This is the tragedy of our modern world. These patients might even think it is normal when their teeth become lose. Maybe they still think it is normal when they fall out. The might even blame it on age. Nothing could be further from the truth. Barring trauma, the majority of people can keep their teeth for a lifetime, provided they keep their GUMS healthy.

If you don’t know what a pocket is, you’d better find out. It is your dental health and your bodies health that we are talking about here. Many experts believe that the loss of one’s teeth means the loss of life expectancy. Some say 3 to 7 years. Some say longer.

That is a generalized statistic. Would you rather have healthy gums or unhealthy gums which may contribute to other health problems??? Only you can decide.

I hope you choose to have better dental health.

David Snape

Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

ISBN: 978-0-9814855-0-8

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