Food Irradiation

By Dave / August 9, 2008

The use of radiation to ‘decontaminate’ food is growing around the world. It is not known to me if these kinds of food are required to be labeled as such or not.

I do not have a lot of facts surrounding the irradiation of food. Much of what I have found is speculatory in nature. However, YOU, as a consumer have the responsibility to educate yourself about the benefits and detractors of irradiated food.

If I know a food has been irradiated, I don’t want it. I’d rather throw it away than eat it. There is no way to know what that ‘dead’ food will do to you, especially over the long term.

I’m a big believer in the natural enzymes that occur in foods and I believe they are good for the body. But with irradiated food you get a lot of dead enzymes. I don’t want that. Do you? Denatured proteins? Mutated or deformed molecular structures? Who knows what all this will do to us? Do we really know what is truly needed or are our scientists playing a guessing game with OUR lives.

Can you blame the scientists? They are simply producing studies that are paid for by people and companies who have the money to pay for such research. Do you think the information provided isn’t distorted or slanted in favor of the payer under such circumstances? Or if they are not, do you think the temptation is there? And if it is, how many will succumb to that temptation?

I’m asking for a reason: to stimulate dialog on these issues and other related ones.

The following FAQ does not come from an unbiased source. However, at the same time, I think it is worth taking a look at. As I mentioned before, each person is going to have to go after an education about radiation and food form himself / herself. The information isn’t very likely to come to you!

Here is the FAQ I found:


David Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease
ISBN: 978-0-9814855-0-8


PS: Thanks to Danny for bringing us good information to share on this site. Keep us informed Danny!

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