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The Hydro Pulse Sinus / Nasal Irrigator Worked for Elise and Me Too – A Review

By Dave / July 25, 2008


Review- Personal Experience with the Hydro Pulse

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hydro-pulse-nasal-irrigatorMy friend Elise, was suffering from terrible sinus problems. I think it was allergies. She felt terrible and honestly, she looked sick all of the time. There were puffy bags under her eyes – a tribute to her misery.

One day she talked about how horrible she felt, uncomfortable all of the time, with sinus pain and pressure all of the time. Being the kind of health and wellness oriented guy that I am, I immediately suggested the Hydro Pulse .

I told her about it and she looked it up on the Internet. She made some phone calls and discovered that her insurance would pay a portion of the cost for the Hydro Pulse. This is a cool benefit. Not many people know this, but the Hydro Pulse has its own insurance code!

Elise started using the Hydro Pulse and found immediate relief. The sinus pressure went away and she was able to breath easily again. She was very happy and thanked me for recommending the Hydro Pulse to her. I asked her about it recently, because that was many months ago. She said, yes, its great and she still uses it. If she doesn’t use it for a few days, she can tell a difference.

Then it was my turn. I had the symptoms of a head cold. It was winter time and I was uncomfortable to the point of not being able sleep properly. If you know the feeling, it is very uncomfortable, tough to breath, and just no fun. Maybe you know you’ve been there?

Anyway, I tried to create more humidity in the room. It helped but it wasn’t enough. Finally, I remembered that I had an unused Hydro Pulse. I took it out of box and started using it. I used it two or three times the first night and started to feel relief! Oh, it was great. I was able to sleep. After a few days all of my symptoms cleared and I felt a lot better.

Bottom line – The Hydro Pulse Nasal /Sinus Irrigator works!

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