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An Insulting E-mail about the Hydro Floss Offer

I received this from someone. This was a bit irritating.

But it happens every so often. This is what happens when we get frustrated and don’t understand the situation:

As with most of these website offers, yours is bogus as well and designed to drive someone to the point of giving up. Instead, I’ve chosen to give you some feedback. There’s is no way in hell to obtain the offer from coupon code A-PER10 as advertised on your website. It applies free shipping (big deal……..there’s free shipping with a $99 offer normally!) and free tube of toothpaste. There’s no way to get the serum that is advertised, and my guess is that the book and other information after the product is received would never be forthcoming either. Thanks for yet another frustrating website offer experience………..


This is my very patient reply:

It seems strange that you would write this to me. The free shipping may be on 99$ orders and up but it is not on available on a 98 dollar product with this vendor. You can only get that with the coupon code or if you bought something extra to push you over the 99$ minimum.

The coupon code does work. And you automatically get the AktivOxigen serum in the same box your Hydro Floss comes in.

It clearly states on the site that you email me your receipt and in exchange I send the link to download the e-book for free.

I put a lot of time and effort into writing that book and it shares a whole lot of information that it is very likely your dentist never told you.

I could focus on the negative aspects of your email, but I choose not to do that.

Instead, I have written back to you clarifying the facts. If you have some further questions, you may ask.

Here is the reply and my follow up. A simple misunderstanding or frustration or what???

If I would automatically get the serum, why does your website add the normal price into my order? Why would I give a credit card number on an order that should be $98 according to the coupon code (including shipping, toothpaste and serum) when even after applying the coupon code the website gives the credit on the toothpaste but adds in the normal price on the serum? Would you do that? If the coupon code is legitimate, then I would expect the total cost to be $98, including the shipping, toothpaste, and serum. I would suggest that you pretend to place an order yourself, and if it works for you, then please share the “secret”, and I will be happy to place my order.

Thank you.

My Reply:

You must have accidently added the serum to your shopping cart.

If you look at the actually line that says Hydro Floss on it, you will see that it says something like:

“Hydro Floss with Aktiv-Oxigen Serum”

Why don’t you try removing the Serum from your shopping cart which will also remove any additional charge?

Person’s reply and the final outcome:

Yes, I’ll try that – thank you for getting back to me


Thank you Dave – I obviously misjudged your website/advertising, and I apologize. Thank you for walking me through this – I look forward to receiving all products.

Wow – This was a strange communication in my book and speaks to how many of us, including me, tend to react when we feel we have been wronged some how.

Comment below if you have anything you would like to reflect about this conversation.




PS. if you are wondering where this offer is that she is talking about:

It is here: http://oralirrigatordiscount.com

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