Why Use an Eyecup?

By Dave / December 31, 2006

IMG 1944Actually, eyecups are still in use today. Lots of people use them, including myself.

If you do a search on ebay for the phrase ‘antique eyecup’. You’ll see what they used to look like. They were made of glass. There were many color varieties as well.

Today’s eyecups are usually plastic and you can find them available over-the-counter at almost any drug store. They usually come with an eyewash solution.

Read the directions on the carton to learn how to use an eyecup.



I personally clean my eyes daily with an eyecup. I obtained the idea of using an eyecup to wash my eyes in a book on natural vision improvement.

IMG 1946

Since I’m one to experiment on a wide variety of things, I decided to purchase an eyecup and see how it went.

First off, I’m amazed at how ‘dirty’ the eyes get. You’ll see how much mucous, dirt, protein, lipids and other particles are floating on the surface of your eye after you use an eyecup and wash a few times.



That’s what I think I’m seeing. I haven’t done any tests to confirm what the makeup of those particles are.

I’m a contact lens wearer and I found a great benefit from using an eyecup. Most people that wear contact lenses know that after a day of wearing them, your eyes get irritated.

contact-lensThis becomes a problem when you want to go out at night. You’re faced with the choice of going out with irritated eyes that make your evening less than enjoyable, staying home or wearing your glasses. ):

I found that after washing my eyes with an eyecup and letting my contact lenses soak for an hour or so, I can put them back in with no eye irritation and I’m ready to go out for another 8 hours or so.

As I mentioned before, I use an eyecup to wash my eyes almost daily. I often wash them more than once per day.

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This is what I do. I’m not saying you should do that. In fact, you should check with your eye doctor and see if it is ok for you to use an eyecup and wash at all.


Be sure to see your doctor if you are having eye problems or any other health care problem for proper diagnosis and treatment. Your eyes are important to your daily life. Don’t mess around.



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