Therabreath Coupons

Here are some Therabreath coupons that you can use at checkout to score discounts in some cases and free shipping and free products in others.

The way these codes are used is that you put items in your shopping cart. Look to the lower right of the shopping cart and you will see a box to put a coupon code into.

Once you put the code in, the shopping cart will update with the new price or free shipping or free items (or a combination of these). Enjoy these coupons.

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Therabreath Coupons :

1. The first coupon code is a-per10. You can use this coupon at checkout on any order over $20 to score free shipping and a free tube of PerioTherapy Toothpaste.

2. The second code is a-ozn20. This coupon code can be used to get a a 20% discount which currently amounts to $30 dollars, plus free shipping, plus oxygenated toothpaste, plus a bottle of oxygenated moutwash when purchasing a Dr. Katz OzonatorUse this Coupon Code
(Free shipping plus 20% off, not to mention the free toothpaste and mouthwash is a great deal!)

3. Coupon Code a-nsdrop is for free shipping and free nasal drops when purchasing a Hydro Pulse Nasal / Sinus Irrigator This is an excellent device for those suffering from allergies, chronic sinus or nasal infections, or just a regular head cold – I used it for the latter and it was a huge relief. Use this coupon.

Know of anymore? Let me know and I can add them here!

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