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Therabreath is the Best Place to Buy a Hydro Floss

The Hydro Floss is a powerful device for oral hygiene. I have personally utilized it to get and it was the first tool I found for fighting gum disease. After about five months of use, I found that it had stopped my gums from bleeding during routing dental exams and cleaning.

Unfortunately, my gums had been infected for years and my care provider failed to tell me that I needed to be doing something different, that I had gum disease and that it was serious. I had gone along all of those years thinking that it was ok for my gums to bleed. My question has always been: Why didn’t my doctor tell me what to do about this problem?

There is no good answer for that question. I wish that there was.

I spent a lot more money on the Hydro Floss than I had to. Because of the job it did, it doesn’t really matter that it cost me more. But I would like to save your from the additional expense.

When I bought one, it cost about one hundred and twenty dollars. Now, I am going to tell you how to get one for about ninety eight dollars. Plus you will be able to get free shipping and a free bottle of Aktiv-Oxigen drops thrown in.

These drops make the gum cleaning capability of your Hydro Floss even stronger. This is because the oxygen in the drops works to stop the anaerobic (oxygen avoiding) bacteria in your mouth. You can follow the instructions on the bottle or put about 8 drops in the reservoir of your Hydro Floss before each use. Check with a doctor or pharmacist before proceeding.

So, how do you get this wonderful tool called a Hydro Floss and get it for less, plus get free shipping and the free bottle of Aktiv-Oxigen drops? Very simple. You can go over to Therabreath.com and use this special coupon code: A-PER10.

What you do is put the Hydro Floss in your shopping cart and just below, on the right hand side of the shopping cart, you will see a place to put your coupon in. There is where you enter the coupon code: A-PER10.

The good news is: if you are in America, this coupon code will work for you. The bad news is: if you are anywhere else in the world, it will not work for you. If that is the case, come over to my website and I will help you find a Hydro Floss for your part of the world.

Please note that the US FDA has not evaluated statements in this article about the Hydro Floss. And, if you have gum disease or any other health condition, or think you might, contact your dentist or doctor for diagnosis, advice and treatment. This article is not intended to provide advice about treating gum disease or any other illness, that is what your doctor is for.

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David Snape has a site dedicated to bringing you the best deal on the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator. David has also written a book about gum disease: What You Should Know about Gum Disease. ISBN number: 978-0-9814855-0-8 You can ask questions of David at http://tobeinformed.com

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