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Another Hydro Floss Success Story

Just to keep you up to date on my situation

I started again on the hydro floss – just once a day no more – and this time at right angles to the gum line – using an ordinary mouthwash with dashes of tea tree oil.

First day was very bloody. I then used Vogel toothpaste on my sonic brush -threw away the ‘spinning jenny’ just a gum massage and light brush twice daily. Mouthwash is Listerine – the one for gums and teeth – stings like hell at the moment!!

Second day – much better less blood

Then I found the xylitol – it is called ‘Perfect sweet’ over here 100% pure and on the third day I ate plenty of it (also taking vit c plus calcium.)

This morning – first time ever hydrofloss with no bleeding

I found the xylitol in a shop called Holland and Barrett – but it is marketed overall in the UK as a Health food – (I can see the price soaring) I think there probably is a fantastic marketing opportunity for toothpaste /mouthwash with say a predominant bicarb / xylitol mix plus essential oils -in the UK – and I would be happy to be part of it cos it does work. dont know how to go about it though!!

Anyway I am born again thanks to you and I am going to try and keep the very loose tooth going and see what happens. It was a pleasure to speak to you – I have found you ad you are a ‘guiding light’

Best Wishes Elsdon Ward

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