Pinhole Glasses Review

Pinhole Glasses have been around for many decades. They work by changing the angle that light strikes the back of the eye. It forces the light to come in more straight than from an angle. Therefore, people with focusing problems, nearsighted or farsighted, can see an object with better acuity when looking through pinhole glasses.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a pair of pinhole glasses. I found them to be well made and a bit more rugged than the models I have tried in the past.

The kind of pinhole eyeglasses that I tried wrapped around ever so slightly. And therein lies the problem.

Let me explain. I spoke with a nurse in Canada who has given up her career in nursing in order to promote some alternative healing products.

What is more important is what she told me about her father. Her father, according to this nurse, was able to correct his visual acuity problems and keep his eyes seeing 20/20. She claims he used pinhole glasses to do it.

The difference is that the pinhole glasses he used were completely blacked out on the side. Therefore, no light came in peripherally.

I do not know if what this nurse told me was correct or not. But I was intrigued and I wanted to see what happened if I blacked out the sides of the pinhole glasses so that no light came through the sides. Sure enough, I could see better through the pinhole glasses with the light from the sides blocked out.

So, if I were to try and modify the pinhole glasses I experimented with above, I would manufacture them with some flaps on the side that would completely block out the side light.

Aside from providing a change in the refraction of light, I’ve found that wearing pinhole glasses helps my eye to feel more relaxed. But, when I’m really focused on doing something, I find that wearing the glasses actually causes more stress.

Relaxing the eyes is agreed to be one of the major tenants of natural vision improvement amongst those who believe that visual acuity can be improved. However, many eye doctors will say that it is impossible to improve your visual acuity.

I do think pinhole glasses with the flaps on the sides would work better than leaving them open. This is one modification that I would suggest to the manufacturer.

Dave Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

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