Ozone for Health

By Dave / June 6, 2008

Many from the alternative health realm talk about the power of oxygen and ozone for health .

Common sense and practical wisdom might tend to support this. Don’t many people open a window to ‘air out the house’? Natural ozone in the air does more than give your body oxygen, it can kill pathogens as well.

If there wasn’t something in nature that had this ability the whole planet could be over run by microorganisms.

In addition many bacteria utilize anaerobic respiration to survive. When oxygen is present it creates a problem for them and can interfere with their cellular processes, leading to death or a lack of reproduction. Other bacteria have the ability to switch between aerobic and non aerobic bacteria depending on environmental conditions.

Many of the particularlly nasty bacteria are anaerobic in nature. That could make oxygen and therefore ozone, your friend. The chemical symbol for oxygen is O2 and that for ozone is O3.

Modern technology allows for you to utilize the power of ozone in your own home, producing it for a low cost. There are many uses for ozone that you may have never thought of.

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— by Dave Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease


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