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No Dental Check Ups for 5 Years……

Question: Phillip wrote:

Hey, I’ve been looking through your videos,but I’m not sure.My gums don’t really bleed when I brush, sometimes though.But, when I wake up in the morning, my gums between my 2 front teeth have dry blood.I brush 2x a day,mouth wash both times,and still have that problem.I hate to say but I haven’t been to the dentist for 5+ years because my parents don’t qualify for Medicaid anymore, low in come family. And yeah I’m not really sure how much it costs.so….any tips?

Answer: Hi Phillip, thank you for asking your question. You’ll need a diagnosis from a doctor or dentist to verify, but if I had dried blood in my mouth everyday, I’d guess that there is definitely a problem.

In my estimation, 5 years is entirely too long to have not been to a dentist. In contrast to your 5 years, I get my teeth cleaned every two months. I feel this helps me to insure that I won’t develop any problems. But even so, I have to be very diligent at home to make sure my gums stay healthy.

So, my number one suggestion to you is to go to the dentist regardless of the cost. Now, if you have a medical / dental university near you, you may be able to obtain free care via their student clinic. Don’t have any money? Well, I’d say the student clinic is better than nothing.

BTW, your gums should NEVER bleed when you brush or floss, not even once in a while. So go to the dentist without delay and don’t stop going. There should never again be a 5 year gap between your dental checkups. Plus, those frequent cleanings are very important to help prevent both cavities and gum disease. Good luck.

– Dave

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