The Best ToothBrush…

By Dave / March 27, 2008

Radius Toothbrush Original Right Assorted My story: The Radius Toothbrush has been the best toothbrush I have ever used and that includes all of the electric and manual toothbrushes that I have tried over the years.

The clean feeling I get after using this toothbrush far surpasses the other brushes I have used. I personally use this brush as I have found it to be the best. In fact, it has become an important part of my gum disease fighting arsenal. They come in both right and left handed models. Here is a product description:

Original – soft – right or left hand. The wide oval head, thumb grip and large comfortable handle available in right or left orientation makes this a classic toothbrush – now in its 22nd year of production. The very fine Tynex nylon bristles make it much softer than regular brushes – while the mass of bristle tips (6,500 – over 3 times more than regular) massages the gums and removes plaque effectively. The extra bristles make it more durable and 60% of our users report it lasting three times longer. The right or left hand orientation automatically places the bristles at the 45 degrees recommended by the ADA. The handle is made of renewable resource cellulose – 93% wood based from sustainable yield forests.


Radius Adult Toothbrush - Left Original, 6 Units / 1 ea

Original Left Handed – 6 Pack


Radius Toothbrush Head - Right Original Adult, 6 Units / 1 ea

Original Right Handed – 6 Pack


Radius Adult Toothbrush - Scuba-Z Right handed, 6 pieces

The Scuba Model


Radius Toothbrush - Kids Right Handed, 6 toothbrush

Kid’s Right Handed Model

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