HydroFloss Water Pressure Problem

Question: The water pressure on my Hydrofloss is very weak, what can I do to improve this? Thank you. -Chris

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Have you used anything else in it besides tap water? If so, what was it?

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NO, that’s all I ever used. I believe it’s hopeless. However, I would like to ask you a question. I just had my teeth cleaned, my gums were bleeding more than usual. The hygienist recommended I use the HydroFloss, she stated that it is better than dental floss, do you agree? Thank you, Chris

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My opinion is to always go with the advice of your doctor.

I do not believe the hydrofloss is a replacement for dental floss. I personally do both. I also do some other things to keep my gums healthy and prevent the return of gum disease.

I’ve detailed some of the other tools I use in my book:


(wait for the new version to come out)

I have never had a problem with the pressure on my Hydrofloss If your unit is new, get them to replace it.

If it is old, you can either buy a new one or get the old one refurbished.

If you want a new one, visit: http://tobeinformed.com/hydrofloss and use coupon code A-PER10 for free shipping and free periotherapy toothpaste. it also comes with AktivOxigen serum. I often put 8 drops into the reservoir and fill with water before use.

You can also find the AktivOxigen serum at the above address. Anaerobic bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities don’t like oxygen.

If you want to get the old HydroFloss refurbished, then call : 1-800-635-3594

I still use my Hydro Floss daily and wouldn’t want to be without it. It is an important part of taking care of my gums.

– Dave

PS. If you have or think you might have gum disease or any other health problem, visit your dentist or doctor for diagnosis, treatment and advice. This email is strictly for information purposes only and is not intended to render advice. The FDA hasn’t evaluated statements about the Hydro Floss or anything else I talk about.

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