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End to Gum Disease – A mocking question


Hi David

I was intrigued at your enthusiasm about your discovery after so many years in the dark.

Surely the American Dental Association would have endorsed your findings by now? If this has been revolutionary then why have you not published a copy-righted booklet yet? Is it the cost?

You could reach millions more in a mini-book. It could be translated into scores of languages.

What is your magic formula that periodontists, never mind dentists haven’t yet fathomed?

I would be delighted if you would respond.

Thank you


[name withheld]


Hi [name withheld],

My book will be out in the spring, You can read about it here:


Actually, dentists should already know the stuff I’ve written in my book. It’s already in the dental literature.

I’m not a dentist nor do I claim to be, but I can tell you for sure that my dentist never told me about the things that ended my gum disease, but she was ready to administer a costly treatment. In fact, she didn’t tell me a lot of things about dental health that she should have.

When she saw the changes in my gum health, she was amazed and didn’t know what to say other than, ‘keep it up’.

What I did was to be found in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology – A journal she either never reads or doesn’t ‘believe’ in.

It is incorrect to say that dentists don’t know or haven’t fathomed. Some are very much aware of the tools I have used.

Obviously, I’m selling my information. Therefore it wouldn’t be fair to give away information that others have already paid for.

But I have given you some hints. You can find much in the dental profession’s own literature, should you choose to look.

I can tell you that I totally advocate that you be under the care of a good periodontist and if you are not already, then that is the first thing you should do. I also tell people NOT to act on the information in my book unless they have permission to do so from their dentist.

– Dave

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