Vision Improvement Exercises Journal – Day 34 -44.

By Dave / February 28, 2008

While it is true that I haven’t written about my vision improvement journey every day. I have been doing the exercises daily and faithfully. I have not missed any of the days between my last entry and this one.

Is there improvement? It appears that there is improvement according to the charts I’m using at home. This improvement appears to be small at best.

It’s not that I can suddenly see another line down on the chart. But what was once blurry on one of the lines is now LESS blurry. So, any improvement I’ve experienced has been minimal. However, I do think I’m seeing a slight improvement.

Some thoughts on how I could do better:

I’m at work a lot. I do a tremendous amount of near work with the computer. I’ve noticed that I’m not taking a short ten second break for my eyes every ten minutes as I should be. This I believe is having an impact.

What I’m impressed with:

I’m doing well navigating the world without my glasses or contact. Unfortunately, that does mean leaning in closer to my monitor at work. But not too much. I’m thinking that with the improvement, I should be able to lean further back as time goes by.

Recap: I believe I am seeing a slight improvement in my vision. I need to be careful with the exceptional amount of near work I do – I need to take those 10 second breaks on time and not skip them.

You can read more about the system I’m utilizing here.

– Dave

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