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Is The Vision Improvement Program You are Using Worth It?


Hi David,

Interesting to see that you are working on vision. I am curious about the program you recommend. Do you really think it is worth the money, or is it simply a regurgitation of the many books that all (more or less) say the same thing.

Are they saying (and having you do) something different, or is the program good because it makes you practice 25 minutes a day?



Hi Daniel,

Well, I can tell you that there are only a couple of minor variations from what you might find in other books.

But, I think their is a couple of important differences. I think Orlin was able to pick the ones that are the most powerful. As you may know there are hundreds of exercises out there – which one’s are the best?

I wanted something that is proven to work. I don’t have time to go through thousands of exercises. I don’t have time to trial and error my way to success. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on exercises that are less effective.

I do believe that one of the most important parts of the program is the 25 minute step-by step that takes you from one level to the next. It seems to make it easier. I don’t have to think about what I’m doing too much. I just go through the preprogrammed exercises. And it guarantees that I get at least 25 minutes a day in.

During the day, wherever I am, I do try to make up my own exercises to help keep my eyes relaxed and improving. But, I know that no matter what, I’m getting that 25 minutes and I am hopeful that will let me win in the end.

I can’t be sure whether I’ll make it to 20/20 or not. But I do know that this is probably the best shot I have. Plus, this gives me a definitive chance to test something out. Orlin says it works – let’s see if he is right. I am seeing what I believe to be good results and I’m excited about the possibilities.

Is it worth the money? Even if my vision improves 1/10 of the way to 20/20 – it is worth the money, not to mention the avoidance of going backwards.

If you want to, you can : Read a little more about what you’ll find in Orlin’s package, which is more than just a book.

If it doesn’t improve my vision at all, then it isn’t worth a penny. But I do think I’ve seen minor improvement. That is subjective though, I haven’t had an official eye exam that confirms anything as of yet.

If you have any other questions – let me know.

– Dave


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