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Vision Improvement Journal Days 30-33

Ok, It’s been a few days since I wrote, but I have been doing the exercises every day. One day I even did them twice.

I like the effects from doing them twice, I usually notice a difference the next morning. I’v had a number of clear flashes, particularly while outside today. Clear flashes are moments of visual clarity without glasses or contacts. They usually don’t last very long. I think the longest I experienced today was under 20 seconds, but it is very encouraging when that happens.

On Friday, I build a new website for vision improvement. There, you can sign up to be informed about my little tips, tricks and ‘insights’ on vision improvement. You can also read my about me page, where you will learn a little more about why I’m doing this whole vision improvement experiment and what I expect to get out of it.

I’ve read enough vision improvement books to believe at some level that it is possible to improve our vision. However, this is not a mainstream thing and it is hard to find any doctors that will support the process. Never the less, I feel duty bound to go ‘hard core’ on this vision improvement thing and report my results to all of you.

Now, subjectively, I often think I’m seeing improvement. Vision does seem to vary and get worse or better depending on how I am using my eyes. If I strain them a lot, my vision does diminish. If I relax them more frequently, I believe I see an improvement.

I do have a chart at home. I currently wear a slightly reduced prescription. I tested my eyes with my contacts in and could see the 20/30 line – that is in line with my reduced prescription. I could not clearly make out the 20/20 line. Does that mean there has been no improvement over the last 30 days or so? Even though I’m still seeing the 20/30 line, I believe I am seeing it more clearly.

Vision does vary, and this is something that eye doctors don’t generally recognize either.

Anyway, I’m going to keep working the current program I’m using. And I’ll report my results on this blog.

– Dave

PS: if you have any questions, just ask!

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