Kathy’s Gums are 100% Better

Kathy wrote in to say:

I had tarter and bleeding gums. I used the Hydrofloss morning and night for 6 months. My Dentist said my gums were 100% better. I am very pleased.

The drawbacks are it seems cheaply made for the price, it is noisy and the heads are hard to change. But I still highly recommed it.


My comments:

I agree with you about the HydroFloss Kathy, the unit is a bit loud. I haven’t had that much trouble changing tips, but there is only 1 in my household so I don’t need to change it out very often -except to clean it.

My experience is very similar to yours. I used it at least twice a day for about 5 months and also had dramatic results that my dentist took notice of.

I was quite pleased by her reaction – she seemed shocked actually. I knew I did the right thing. They told me that whatever I was doing, to ‘keep it up”. LOL. The Root Scaling and Planing (SRP) treatment they recommended at my last appointment was no longer needed – that’s what they told me.

The HydroFloss does a superb job.

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