Eye Exercises and Vision Improvement Journal – Day 24

By Dave / February 6, 2008

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Day 24: I did the exercises in the morning today. I assume that commitment is a big part of success. So I’m staying committed to getting these exercises done every day.

I had another ‘clear flash’ today, early on, before doing the exercises. I love when that happens. For those who aren’t familiar: a clear flash is a moment or several moments when your vision becomes clearer and sharper. The effect typically does not last very long but it is encouraging.

I also noticed something else that was interesting. In the past, I’ve noticed ‘sore points’ around my eyes. These are places that when you touch are a little tender. One of these points is in the under the ridge right above my eyes – close to the bridge of the nose.

I inadvertently touched those spots this morning when I first got up and the customary feeling of tenderness was not there at all. I don’t know how that correlates with vision improvement, or if it does. But, I imagine that it has something to do with all the efforts I’ve been putting forth.

It’s only day 24, but I do feel like something is happening. I’d read before that with vision improvement, vision varies, sometimes it is better and sometimes not.

I’ve written in the past that I’ve been experiencing longer times of clear vision when using my reduced prescription contact lenses. These periods seem to be getting longer. However, at some point after hours of wearing them, vision often becomes less sharp.

Speaking of commitment, I actually started falling asleep during one of the focusing exercises and I was so sleepy by the time I got to the relaxation technique that I actually dozed off and went 3 times as long as called for in the manual.

I’m also using my own exercise that I made up and wrote about on Day 23. But the main thrust is during the programmed exercise.

I’m sticking without for at least 30 days and I’ll probably go longer. If I can get to 20/20 without glasses or contacts, I’ll be absolutely delighted. We’ll see what happens.

– Dave

PS: You can read more about the program I’m currently using.

– Dave

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