Vision Improvement Exercises – Day 21

By Dave / February 3, 2008

Well, This is interesting. Last night I went out again with my contacts and I’ve had the same effect as described previously. I saw much clearer again. And the twist this time is that the effect of seeing more clearly and the bright vibrant colors that went with it lasted much longer than previously.

Again, today I went out without contacts or glasses and noticed that although my vision wasn’t clear at all, it was BETTER than previously going out without them. This is an encouraging sign.

In addition, I had a moment of clear vision. This is a phenomenon that you read about in books about vision improvement. There are moments when things become clear. I’m looking forward to further improvement too.

I’ll write more tomorrow

And if you want to learn more about the program I’m using: I’ve written a bit more about it here.


– Dave


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