Eye Exercise and Vision Improvement Journal – Day 19

By Dave / January 31, 2008

Today saw the move to a new set of exercises. I also added a few motifications of my own.

I used a distant object outside of the window for the focusing exercise today.

I also made a discovery. On the ‘Three Cups” exercise, I was doing the level 2 and 3 wrong. I had them exactly reversed which is kind of strange. It should be easier for the eyes to do them the other way around.

But now that I have discovered this problem, it is easy to fix it, and it also means that I’m actually doing the exercise correctly, or at least closer to correct, now.

It’s been a good day. I went to the store earlier without wearing contact or glasses and it seemed like my eyes wanted to drink up everything. There was no strain, even when looking at distant objects that appeared blurry.

Seems like something is changing. I’ll write again tomorrow

I’ll keep doing these exercises for a while.

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– Dave

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