Vision Improvement Eye Exercise Journal Day 18

By Dave / January 30, 2008

Good NEWS. I’m encouraged that things may be getting better. I had occasion to slip in my reduced prescription contacts this morning (for a brief period of time) and I do believe I’m see pretty clearly out of them now.

I took them out after about 1 hour of use and did the exercises before leaving for the day. The exercises felt good today. I’m typing this without my glasses or contacts currently.

This is all good NEWS, but we need to see what the actual numbers are at some point and that might still be a while. I’m not planning on visiting the eye doctor any time soon.

However, my subjective experience is saying good things right now about this program. I’m definitely going to keep doing it for at least 30 and possibly 60 days or longer. I’ll decide that later. Subjectively something is happening. But I don’t want to get real enthusiastic until I have some concrete tests to go by.

Read about the program I’m using

Ok, I’ll write more tomorrow.

– Dave

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*This post is for information purposes only. If you have or think you might have an eye or vision problem visit your doctor or optometrist for advice, diagnosis and treatment.

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