Vision Improvement with Eye Exercises – Day 16

By Dave / January 27, 2008

Good News. If you go back and look on Day 14, you will notice that I had a drop in visual acuity.

On Day 15, I hypothesized the source of the problem.

Friday, Saturday and most of today I went without my contacts to the maximum extent possible and simply used a pair of glasses very sparingly – even at work.

Tonight, (Sunday) I had occasion to go out and I put my contacts in. This was a good test because if I was still having acuity problems, it would show up at night for sure.

Instead, while driving down the highway, I noticed how clear my vision was again. Colors were bright and vibrant.

This also demonstrates that the program information is correct. If you want to improve your vision and are doing exercises, you cannot tax your eyes with the burden and stress of corrective lenses. It’s fine for me, but you should not try going without your glasses or contacts for extended periods without the express written permission of your doctor!

ah -hem. Anyway, do as I say,not as I do…..

On my exercises tonight: The exercise for focusing using a chart I did a little bit differently. I sat back about 16 feet instead of the 7 I was using before.

On a different exercise, I’m not quite sure I’m doing it right, but I’m sure I will figure it out as time goes on.

Oh, and that visual acuity increase occurred despite the fact that I skipped the exercises completely yesterday.

I’m looking forward to see what happens next. No measured improvement to report because I haven’t been to the doctor and probably won’t be for a while. But subjectively, I think things are going at least ok.

Any improvement is good NEWS.

I’ll write more tomorrow.

Read more about the vision improvement program I’ve been using.

– Dave

* This post is for information purposes only and is not intended to provide advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have any visual or eye problems, contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment right away.

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